Premier Lanka Health Tourism
Are you looking for a perfect location for peaceful convalescence,while you are travelling?. Where better than with the doctor who has the power to make all the necessary arrangements for your comfort as well as ensure a speedy recovery. Premier Lanka Travel’s specializes in health tourism. The Chairman, Dr Chandana de Silva MD(Minsk) ensures that you will be safe in his hands.

Each and every patient who walk in to Premier Lanka Travels & holidays ,will be primarily assessed by a medical professional for free of charge.All the scaned diagnostic reports will be mail to us and the patient will be communicated directly with the medical professional through the phone/skype or viber.

Following the primary assessment,our professional team will discuss with the relevant world class medical/surgical specialists and make the treatment plan & the package.

For a modern medical treatments-You will be treated at a world standard hospital with a latest technology in the heart of Colombo - Lanka Hospitals.

Ayurveda (Herbal) Medical Tourism
Do you have an illness that has defeated modern /Western medicine? Are you feeling hopeless because you think there is no cure for you? Find a cure through>4000 year old Ayurveda Herbal medicine.This form of treatment is proven to heal chronic diseases that have defeated Western medicine.

Indiginous medicine of Sri-Lanka, now called as Ayuruveda is a traditional form of alternative medicine endemic to Sri Lanka. It is a herbal native treatment using more than 1500 species of herbs,growing over and under the ground. This mixed with expertise in the art of massage long practiced and passed down through generations is an ancient art perfected by practice. The relief one feels with this traditional form of healing of mind and body is revered by those who have experienced it the world over.

Once your treatment is over,Premier Lanka Travels arrange you a unforgettable tour to explore Sri-lankan beauty.

Premier Lanka medical team will accompany you from arrival to your departure (if necessary to your final destination), ensuring that you are given the proper care during your stay.